A short stop to enjoy the amazing view from the Texelberget top
I was a bit worried before the start of the 85k course of the @satilatrail race. I didn't know what to expect of my body and mind after two months of rehab an limited training. I hiked a lot and did some specific training in order to take care of my sore groin and abductors. I knew that I needed to start the race easily. I had no other intention but to finish this race. I needed to run controlled those first 50k in order to finish this race. I knew that. Usually I fail my plans but this time I managed to keep my cool almost the whole race. I waited patiently, I never chased any runners in font of me, I just enjoyed the lovely weather and a nice adventure in beautiful nature around the #Lygnern lake.


When I reached the check point with our drop bags I took out just a refill of gels and a space headlamp, refilled my liquids and continued the run. A bit after that point, closing to Fjärås I felt something inside me that told me that it was OK to start racing. I left Torbjörn after a short chat and I continued the race alone. I ran 80% of the race all alone. I needed to run alone in order to react to any pain or/and to adjust to the inputs from my body. I followed my energy plan and everything went perfectly as I expected. I had no energy issues during the race.


Anyhow, before the race I could just dream of finishing the race under 12hrs considering the lack of training and a huge block of rehab days. Still, I had one of my best race experiences so far! How in that even possible? Maybe due the lack of pressure/stress on me, maybe because I could rest my body.... Many factors to exam here.... Another great fact is that today, a day after the race I have no pain in my groin/abductors which means that I'm on the right path and that I can hope that I will have many more running days in my life! 😍


I have to give a huge kudos to each and every member of the team that made this race possible. Amazing people! Thank you @satilatrail! 🙏😍🔥♥️ I can highly recommend this race! I hope to see you soon and race this lovely race with proper legs. 😁🤙


Kudos till @umarasports as well that provided great energy for every runner!


Stats for the nerds: