The Kullamannen Trail race start is always something special to remember...
“Heaven, Sea & Hell” the pure Scanian trail adventure


A different adventure on all levels. This 100 mile race was difficult both for us running race and the race administration fighting with the local bureaucracy. 😱
The sport that we love won again and it was amazing to see the amount of runners chasing their dreams on a windy day. Yes it was windy but apart from that the race conditions were almost perfect. Well, I guess that somebody from the organisation should have swept away all the leaves from the trails before the race day! Ehehe 🤪😂😁


Anyways, I had two goals for this race. One was to finish the race and the other one was to run under 30h if possible. Well, I did it! I made it to the finish line in 23h and 13 min according to my Coros Vertix. I started a bit cautious but the first 55k were too fast in my opinion so I tried to slow down the second loop of the first part of the race. Mission failed! I was faster. I felt good... I mean amazingly good. I was running with a smile, and I just didn't want the moment to stop. I controlled the pace all the way to the Ängelholm CP. I assumed that the longer pause, the change of wet clothes and socks should slow my legs a bit. Nothing happened. I was good. I started doing a bit of calculations and I noticed that if I should manage to maintain that pace I could finish the race in 15h! Wow, a dream....
I ran like on water. Tried to listen to the body needs. Ate when needed, refilled the system with magnesium, salt, gels when needed and ran on water and endurance beverage served on those few check points available along the course. I reached the Kullaberg area. The real fight was about to start and I was there with a great amount of time to use. I went out there to cover the last 25k of the race with just one goal.... come out in one piece with no injuries. I took my time, the climbs may be short on paper but I can assure you that a few of those climbs were brutal. I had to stop and breathe! Crazy tough but I enjoyed that part, the endurance, the commitment and the will to take that step forward despite the pain... hours from that moment I find that quite poetic... not back there, I assure you! 😜😁


The track runs along the Skåneleden trail:
Norrviken – Hovs Hallar – Torekov – Ängelholm – Arild – Kullens Fyr – Mölle.


I was in a right spot during this race. Both body and mind collaborated well and I managed to run, have fun, enjoy the race despite the elements and finish the race with a smile on my face!
Would I return? I told myself NO, no way. I told myself that I needed to finish the race in order to close the chapter with this race. But as you may already know:


"Never trust what an ultra runner says!" You might get surprised!


The best part of the race was sharing the trails with many old friends and new ones. Still, during this race I wasn't the usual chatty guy. Something new happened to me. I actually enjoyed catching up all the runners, I hunted them down during the whole race... simply amazing! This was a whole new experience for me!


This was something new and being able to push the pace even after 130k was amazing! The last 25k I decided to take it easy, to avoid injuries and just enjoy the last part of the race which by the way is the toughest section of the race!


Have a good day my friends! 🙂


I managed to finish this 100 mile race in: 23:12:43. 😁


Race INFO:


• Distance: +168 km
• Accumulated height gain: ≈ 2700 metres
• Maximum time: 34 hours
• Date: Friday 5th of November 2021
• Start time: CET 07:00
• Start location: Hotel Skansen, Båstad, Sweden