This was my very first time that I actually had fun running on icy surfaces! 😂


Great clip Branislav! Thanx m8! 👍


A long easy run in Änggårdsbergen on icy trails with Brane and Veso the first part and after that I tried to run even faster on brutal ice surface alone in the dark... NO PROBLEMS today with my new gear! 👍


To run more 25-ish km with crampons on my trail shoes was not easy but I was able to move relaxed and relay on the gear under my body! What a great peace of gear! I ran on ice with ease..... total control! 😁


I can't really recommend these for running but it's a must have if you need to cross nasty icy sections! 👍


I will choose an easier surface to run on tomorrow. Even the asphalt is softer here in Sweden! 😂