Saturday 15th January 2022. I woke up at 5:45, ate my usual breakfast and got ready. It was a good thing that I prepared all the necessary gear the day before and the nutrition was already in the Salomon vest ready to be used. The only thing that was really needed was to get out of the "waste" from my body before heading to Kungsbacka where the race start would be taking place at 8 a.m.


My wife woke up just to drive my sorry bottom to the start of the race, Once arrived to Kungsbacka i took the BIB, the GPS tracker and well, a few minutes later we were off..... everybody started running like being chased by demons or something!
I knew that I was absolutely not in the best shape and I had no intention to push things in this race where the trails are tricky, sometimes really frozen, slippery, muddy etc. I have some really big "A-races" in 2022 ans this race was supposed to be a check. I needed an overall feedback of those things that I usually have issues with during longer races.


The 60k course of the Sandsjöbacka trail race was really amazing. Great trail conditions and a perfect day to run such a distance. I did an "easy" race as planned where I had several goals and running fast was not one of the goals. I needed to check my overall fitness level, play a bit with the nutrition and get ready for those races that are waiting for me. A few details needed some adjusting. Despite this, the race went well, I felt great and always in control. 😍


This felt good! 🤙


After a bit faster start and the first 5k flat kilometers, we went into the woods. The trails were still a bit frozen and I was incredibly happy and pleased that I added 18 iron studs to my Altra Olympus 3 that gave me that extra grip needed on those slippery and icy stones. I felt in control and had never, not even once issues with the grip during the race.


Sharing beautiful trails with other fellow runner duting the race
The temperature raised a bit during the race and the trails were a bit softer which was good. The pounding was softer and that was way better for my feet and legs and I wasn't that worried anymore about rolling a feet or worse. It was nice to run for a few km with other fellow runners like Amer Nezirovic, Henrik Lundqvist, Mattias Johansson...


Taking out a few tiny stones from my right shoe at the 19th km
After 25k we went into the area that I know well, I relaxed and from that very moment I ran more or less alone. A few fellow runners approached but overall this race wasn't a chatty race. I ran relaxed and enjoyed every step of that section. Once arrived to the Oxsjön lake I could ran a bit faster taking the advantage of the gravel section. In between of the Oxsjön and the Sisjön lake a fellow runner and friend Branislav Pavic was there ready with the phone and started a live interview while running and chatting.... it was nice talk with a known person.



After the short CP in Sisjön where i just refilled my water bottle we went into the Änggårdsbergen natural park where I know almost every trail. It felt really good to mix a bit hiking and running. I managed to improve quite a bit my hiking skills during the last months which results in the ability to be able to move forward in a difficult terrain and "rest" a bit as well. I was quite alone the whole way to the finish line and I could take out my music and isolate myself even more but I liked to hear the surroundings, the runners in the distance and chase those in front of me. Not that I was chasing somebody, but it felt somehow nice to be able to feel that good after hours of running. The last 10k I ran without enough water so I had to be careful not to damage myself. Still, the course has the toughest part of the race during those final 20k and that was something that was good for me. The pace was slower so I didn't need to drink that much.


The section of the race crossing the Safjället natural park was amazing. Maybe the best of the course. I just love that tiny hill. That tiny area has it all. Tough trails, technical sections, climbs, fast gravel path... just great. 😍


Those last 10k to the end of the race in Skatås were quite new for me. I ran that section just once before so I knew where to run and what to expect.


I managed to finish the race in 06:51:14 and I'm quite satisfied with the whole race. I got the feedback that I needed and the knowledge that will be very useful during the next months prior the next race.


A huge kudos to all the fellow runners out there, the organization and each and every volunteer. Great job! Thank you for this event! Well done! 👏🤙



INFO for the trail nerds:



See you all in 2023!


Kind Regards,
Aramis Sasinka