Just a few days to the start of the next race - The Kullamannen 2023 - Seventh Seal 50k.


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Am I ready? I am really not sure about that. The training since the failed UTMB race went well. I tried to approach a bit differently this time and use my time for some quality sessions, a bit of fartlek as well and enjoy the change of seasons. It+s really beautiful out there right now.
However, the last week, I went out for a run, it was much colder than usual and my muscles got instantly tight pulling my groin that started hurting once again after months with no pain.


I know that my boedy doesn't appreciate the cold climate and that is the same reason why I usually run races during the summer avoiding the winter period. Well, I actually do have a few winter races where I have just one goal - to enjoy the winter scenery and nothing more. I'm far from being competitive when the temperatures are below the freezing point.


Anyhow, the next race is surely going to be an autumn one. Chilly but not that cold, humid and potentially rainy and wet, muddy and slippery. We are definitely going to enjoy the trails.


I will try to pace well this race. I had an idea of me pushing it from the very start - according to my potential of course. Now, due to a renewed injury I am going to need to play this "safely". The good thing about this race is that I will have many other friends and fellow runners sharing same trains with me. A few of them have more or less the same running capacity so it will be easier for me to pace this race properly reaching the finish line with a smile.


Good luck to all my fellow runners racing the Kullamannen!


Have fun!