The Jernbrukets Backyard Ultra 2022 on Strava
3rd June 2022 I raced for the first time the Jernbrukets Backyard Ultra race.


My buddy Branislav Pavic did well here and won the race once and he was very pleased with the organization, the race and everything. I was a bit curious. This year I decided to try the race,


The race started at 6 p.m. and it was the start of the race that was something that was interesting for me. Because of the fact that this race was just two weeks before the Lavaredo Ultra race I knew that I would not be competitive during the race and that I would definitely not push it hard or play for a win or something. I had just a few goals. T


The first goal was to get used to night running. To try to fogure out the problem of my low spots during the first night. No matter the distance I have issues during those first hours of darkness. It's not the problem of the time of the day. It's the level of darkness that tends to impact mu body thus making me weak, less focused and really sleepy.


This time I had a plan with my energy and I needed to test a few things during this race.


I went out with a lighter mixture of sport drink. The same that I used in Istria in April that worked quite well. The issue back there was that I had no coffein tablets with me. This time I had everything with me and I was ready for the night.


Everything went well and those first loops were actually nice. I ran at a "social" pace chatting with other fellow runners, making new friends and having fun. I had everything under control those first 50k. No issues with my gear. The things that worked well in Istria were working here as well. I knew that I wouldn't ran more that 100k. I set that distance as my goal. So I needed to try everything and test everything that I needed to test before those 100k.


So I started mixing things a bit and playing a bit with my nutrition. Some things mixed well, others made me almost puke. I guess that in longer races I will puke the hell out of me if I do things wrong. The thing that I notice was that after 85k after a faster pace and a lot of water I had always issues and was really close to throw up. I'm lucky because my body tolerates a lot but there are things that I need to be careful about.


Being vegan was never an issue in this race. I had everything with me BUT, the organisation was on top of everything! They even bought vegan cheese, vegan salami etc. I mean c'mon, that was simply awesome!!! Kudos for that! I usually find things to criticise the Swedish races due to lack of offer or organisation in comparison to races in the southern part of Europe but this race was just as it should be. I felt loved! :)


The last loop came and I was almost sad about that. I had a LOT of energy left. I felt that I could double the distance easily. But it was time for me to close that chapter, wish good luck to my fellow runners that continued the race and refocus on my next adventure: The Lavaredo Ultra Trail by UTMB!


Thanks to the Jernbrukets Backyard Ultra organisation! Well done! Great event! Highly recommended! BRAVO!!!


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