The start of the Tjörnarparen 2018 race


Tjörnarparen 2018 went not as I have planned! I had to DNF due to some kind of chaos in my body. For 3hrs I had nasty a stomach ache and abdominal pain that caused a huge energy collapse. I felt very drained. Still, even like that I managed to get my shit together and push the pace.... and it went well up to km 45.
I was even thinking about finishing this race. But then I started shaking! NOT good! The decision was quite easy: DNF (Did Not Finish) after 50k! :(


I guess that the busy week combined with crappy food and no food at all yesterday evening contributed to this failure.


The 50k I ran gave some interesting feedback and I will take this information and use during my next races!..... 👍


Thank you for all the feedback and love you shared! You are all amazing! 🙏


The start of the Tjörnarparen 2018 race - Photo by Daniel Theander


I have to give a HUGE hug to all the people that worked today during the race! The service and the attention, the patience and the love you gave us was really WORLD TOP CLASS!!!! Amazing job! I have to thank each and every one of you!


P.S. Delicious cookies! Thank You Marie Krausz! Amazing job! 🙏