The Änggårdsbergen nature reserve offers a varied landscape featuring valleys and ridges, winding walking paths, lakes and beautiful scenery.


This is the place where I recharge my energy levels and feel really good. It's a green area just five minutes from both my home and work. Sometimes I run into the woods during my lunch break where I feel the need to relax a bit.


Running and hiking in Änggårdsbergen can be challenging as well. The area offers easy gravel paths where you can walk with kids and tough wild trails as well where you may challenge yourself while running or mountain biking. If that is not enough feel free to challenge yourself and discover the area! :)


The varied ecological environment and fauna contains several examples of nature typical of Western Sweden, such as heath land and moorland. Änggårdsbergen lies next to the Botanical Gardens and stretches from the green parks of western Gothenburg towards the nature area Sisjön, south of the city of Mölndal.


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