Well the race went better, much better than I hoped for!


Nice weather, a lot of people cheering and warm! Just the way I like it! Well.... I liked it until the last 5k. I had to slow down to an easier pace and just run to the finish line nice and easy. Well, I enjoyed the fest those last 5k! I had to remind myself that we have to travel to Växjö direct after the race. I had to run back to my job where the family waited for me, take a fast shower and drive away....
Still, a great day... Thank to all I met today! Great people! Love to everybody! ?


This was a great feedback for me. My body responded well. I managed to run 21k with good control almost without issues. The fact that I was sick during 2 weeks before the race and was injured too did not compromise a lot the race.



I'm looking forward for the Göteborgsvarvet 2018 in order to try running under 1:30! :)


Image above: Me, Branislav Pavic and Mikael Lyckeklint‎
Gothenburg the 20th May 2017