A lunch run to the nearby view point just to relax a bit and get ready for the next Teams meeting online while working from home....😍


Finally a run in daylight! Well... it was cloudy but it felt nice anyway. And yes, I ran like that! It's warm! 😍


It's incredibly warm for a November day in the Gothenburg area in Sweden. I love it but I'm a bit concerned about the climate affecting us and the whole planet. The pandemic will eventually end, but the climate impact will change the world as we know it if we don't change the way we live today starting from "yesterday"!
I made my tiny contribution by cleaning the trash that somebody left in this amazing spot! That makes me really sad.... 😪


Please educate your children to respect the nature and all the life around us.... 🙏🏽


I took my old #altralongpeak with me on this run. It's nice to use these older shoes despite the fact that they have no cushioning left, no grip but they still look almost as new and my feet love the shape of them. Pure relax! 😍


BTW... they are 1720km "old"! I will reach 2000! 😉😄