The Gothenburg Hills | The Toltorpsdalen Climb


The climb starts with a stronger incline just for approx 15mt, then the trail continues as easy single track trail with rocks here and there but nothing really difficult. It might get tricky is it rains a lot, especially during late autumn with all the leaves, mud and potentially icy conditions. The tougher section is the one that starts ca. 200mt from the bottom of the climb and continues for ca. 100mt. The trail gets really tricky and technical and it requires good condition to run the whole section. If the conditions are wet it's probably a good choice to hike it.


From that point the climb is quite easy to climb and it's quite enjoyable.


This is the second short video of a project I was thinking of while running. The Gothenburg area has no mountains but it's a hilly area. There are interesting climbs in the area and the information that I will try to give to you guys is an idea of what you might expect to see if hiking/running or why not, biking the climb/downhill trail.


I will film these climbs starting from the very bottom of each one. Some are faster than others and some are tougher to climb. While training for long ultra-events it's a good practice to vary the load on your leg muscles by changing the grade of the trail, the technical aspect, the gradient as well. All these aspects will produce a different impact on your muscles, ligaments and joints.


The peak in our area is at it's max around 140mt and the best climbs are around 80mt of elevation gain. This means that you need to do many repeats in order to accumulate a desired amount of vertical gain. Our usual goal is to reach 1000m during one session and the difficulty may vary a lot depending on the weather and the conditions of the trails.


Feel free to contact me and/or suggest other trails in this area.



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