Welcome to my personal website!


I hope that you find something interesting here, something that might inspire you or motivate you to a change. I will write about the things that I'm passionate about, my projects, ideas etc...


I will mainly write articles about my "evolution" from an unhealthy and sedentary person towards a better, improved and happier person that got a second chance in life.
When I started training back in 2013 I had no idea that the change in life that I made when I started training, running and increasing the connection that I have today with nature would not only help me to have a better life quality but even to be a better person, father, husband...


I will occasionally share my thoughts and my modest opinion on products that I use in my running/training as well.


I'm very proud of my races and I usually write my race reports in a very detailed way. I like to give you the opportunity to "feel" the things that I felt and to "see" what I have seen during those adventures. The progress I have made in certain events might be interesting as well!


I'm passionate in food and nutrition and cooking as well! I love to cook! But I love even raw food. I'm vegan and have been on a plant based diet since 1998! That part might be of interest for many and how my diet influences my long-distance running and racing.


My passion for art and design is something that will always follow me no matter qhat! I love that part of me. I love seeing things in an "unconventional" way!


Apart running, I love playing basket which is the sport that I practiced for many years prior my spine injury. Nowadays, thanks to running and a better overall fitness level I'm once again able to practice the sport with my son! Love it! I love biking and I use my bicycle quite often as a complement to my weekly training and/or when commuting to the office. Well, I should use my bike more often I guess....


None of these represents my actual job. Most of the time I actually work with IT related issues, projects etc.


» Here is a short article where I describe my journey from Italy to Sweden related to my health issues, running and my recent decisions that changed my life!


Feel free to contact me if you have questions, business proposals, interesting and motivating ideas, etc...


Kind Regards,
Aramis Sasinka