If you think that my life evolution, my adventures, my races, the commitment to the sport and the love for the outdoors are a valuable resource for my readers and followers on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook than you might also be interested in supporting me in my effort to promote the values that changed my life, made me a better person...
I get a lot of feedback by people who got inspired of my quite short journey - they are motivated to do better seeking the change. Many are looking after motivation and inspiration, they need the energy needed for that "first step" into the right direction and I will do my best to show that a person with a full time job, kids and a regular family is still able to train well and be happy! It's not easy, it takes effort, dedication and strong mindset of course, but it's possible! Nothing is impossible! :)


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I am extremely pleased and proud and thankful with the support that I receive from my family, my friends, colleagues and the running community that helps me reaching my dreams and future goals.


I'm open to suggestions if your company wants to help me or is interested to start a collaboration with me.


From the feedback that I receive I know that I managed to reach, inspire and motivate many that have/had issues like I have or had and my stories helps them understand that everything is possible in life if you work really hard and you believe in what you do...


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