Venice Run


A special run for me! In 2008 we left Venice and moved to Sweden. I had severe asthma issues and needed ca. 200 inhalations of Ventolin every week to be able to breathe!
Today (30 october 2015) I enjoyed running without any problem... just a flow of memories... lots of memories!
Almost every corner of this city hides a story. This was very special for me today! :)


Venice is a particular city and running around may be tricky (due to the massive crowd), mentally challenging (due to paths ending nowhere), physically tough because all of the bridges one have to cross etc. I highly recommend running relaxed, enjoy every step of it, forget about pace or other things. Running will give you the opportunity to see more in less time. You can always walk back in a second time to the spot that was particularly interesting for you. I have a number of those "special places" in Venice. Please choose early mornings or late evening hours in order to avoid traffic and enjoy the city in a proper way. Do not forget the Giardini area! Take a pause there and.... breathe! :)


Have fun!


A few words of advice:


- Please take some water with you (you can buy water if needed, do not drink from other sources or fountains)
- During the summer days may be really humid and warm. Run during early morning hours, late evening or night.
- If you run in the sun in the summer do not forget to cover your head, apply some sun protection as well and drink!
- If you have time and the necessary fitness level feel free to extend your run and explore: Giudecca, Lido, Pellestrina, Murano and Burano etc.
- Do NOT take a swim inside Venice! Feel free to swim outside the laguna: Lido, Pellestrina, Cavallino, Jesolo etc.
- Please do explore Venice "outside" of those usual tourist paths. You might get surprized! Visit the Cannaregio area before heading to Murano and Burano or Torcello, the Castello area with the Biennale, the Arsenale, Giardini with the green area and the lovely park where children may have some fun and why not the Dorsoduro area and the Accademia. <(i>


There is much to see in Venezia. Please, do not limit the visit to Rialto and San Marco! :)