Sandsjöbacka Trail 82k Race

This race was a new kind of a race for me. A chilly one. We started running at -17°C and I was asking myself if this was necessary. Running on ice covered trail with a snow layer on top was quite nice but I was still a little bit cautios due to the fact that I fall two times the week before the race.


Video footage by Johan Wagner


After 5km everything was fine, I relaxed and the pace was fine...


I met Niclas Gällentoft and boy was he suffering the fact that he raced the two days before too! Crazy!
He will do fine, much better the last 20-30k and finish really strong! Well done my friend! ;)


I had some muscle pain and really wanted to finish this unique race so I slowed down my pace and enjoyed the whole winter scenario, inclusive the reflex night trail the last few km. A great race! My initial goal was to finish the race... maybe in 13-14hrs. I finished it in 11:01! Yeah!


Race results: