A relaxing lunch run in the Safjället natural reserve during a beautiful day here in the Gothenburg area in Sweden.


This is what I got today when I went out for a short lunch run. Pure magic in the woods!
I managed to relax, rest and fill my heart with joy! I was inside that tiny paradise for just a half an hour, but it was more than enough to recharge and feel "reborn"!
I came back home happy, and I could continue my work with ease with less stress... or perhaps I just managed the stress situations in a different way. Simply as that!


Mother nature has an incredible impact on us. Go out there, leave the city, leave the technology, connect with the surroundings, breathe and look around you!


The world in a beautiful place! We need to learn once again the beauty to interact with it in the same way as our children do.... with love and joy in our hearts!


Feel free to watch the video and enjoy it in full-screen mode with sound ON!



Please be safe out there! It's quite icy and slippery! Take care and enjoy!




Kind Regards,