After a tough race the last week in Hyssna I intended to enjoy this shorter race (18.7k): Risveden Terräng - 2015.

The weather was great, warm and lovely clouds in the sky. Just perfect!

This time my family was with me. It's always nice to have my family cheering loudly... my daughter is the best supporter!! :)

The race started as planned, I felt good... I left those fast running guys and kept my least I wanted to. Before the start I figured that a 6-6:60/km pace could be just OK for my legs and right knee. I was VERY wrong!
After 2.5km I checked for the first time my running clock and I was running at pace 4:43!!! WHAT!!?? I wanted to slow down... but at the same time .... NOT really! So I decided to continue despite the fact that I was well aware of the fact that my knee is still injured, that I may not finish the race because of that decision! But I felt OK, it felt good to run and enjoy! :)

After 5k.... No!... My knee!... Not the pain, just a feeling.
I was just a little bit afraid... but continued slightly slower at 5-5:30 pace. I needed to reach the "WALL", that climb that almost evebody fears and respects but I needed that climb to "rest" my legs and my knee! Really... I'm not joaking! The power walk there was amazing! I managed to pass a few fast guys there and once up on the hill I just continued without taking the drink.... I was running fast downhill.... What a lovely, magic scenarion in the woods there! I forgot the pain, the risk of a real damage... everything.... It felt great!

After 11k I jumped ca. 1.5mt from one rock to another and I remembered.... "I might NOT be ready to do this! Not yet! Not now!!!" - how horrible this sounds there in the middle of a fantastic trail.....

The trail turned to gravel.... I needed to slow down.... after 2km I needed to slow down, my knee started to protest, still a 5:30 - 6/km pace was OK. So I continued... without stopping, I never stopped! A pause should break tre race, I knew that! I could not stop.... So I ran! :)

Asphalt.... WHAT??

OK, I knew that a tiny asphalt section was planned.... still... I mean.... asphalt!?? Really! :)

The last 800 mt were interesting... a lovely pervesion of the race director I guess! The best part was the finnish men on the top of the climb supporting us using that "Finland Swedish" (finlandssvenska) dialect and accent! Just great! Thanx m8! Lovely! :)

I have to say THANX to everybody! My family, all the volunteers, the crowd, my Lonesome brothers, the crew! Well done! Nice race!

See you next year (I hope)! :)