A tough half marathon in order to close my experiment.


From the 100 Miles of Istria in April, than the Aktivitus Trail Race - 100 mile race around the city of Gothenburg and the Soteleden Trail Marathon "beasty" 44k race! I never trained... just raced and no speed training whatsoever! The last races smashed pretty badly my legs.


I ran quite well the first half of the race today, but after 12k my legs were not listening yo my mind.... Heavy strides and lousy tempo was the only option.


I felt much better the last 5k of the race when I decided that it was a good moment to simply drop the pace and enjoy the race. It was a great decision because I had the power left to close the race running pretty! 😁😉


Tomorrow is another day.... 😉


#Göteborgsvarvet #göteborgsvarvet2018