These #nofilter images taken during my evening run describe the feeling and the sensations that I feel while running inside the woods... 😍


Sometimes I need to stop and just breathe.... take it all in and enjoy. It feels amazing! I feel the tranquillity, the peace in my mind, the hearth hammering, the birds, the wind.... all my senses ingage in that tiny moment and it feels just perfect..... 😍


Running in urban areas may be good for the body, but Mother Nature provides the balance that we need in our life.


This is my church and I do practice my religion.... a lot! 20k of that religion yesterday and 15k today. Not much, but sometimes other activities are important as well and recharging the body is important both body and mind. Balance!


When my family is with me during such moments I do feel complete and happy! I don't need much more! 🥰