The Bunketorp Backyard Ultra Trail 2020 was an amazing experience for me. Just another level of running from the very start. I felt confident and strong. My body and mind were on spot and I was able to execute every lap with no issues at all.


Still, after the 100 mile mark my head went bananas. I started to see double, felt a bit dizzy and decided to drop. I'm really pleased with my silver medal and happy about the race. Still, I can't stop asking myself why I didn't wash my face and head with cold water a bit. That could help a lot because I had still strong legs. But that is another story, maybe to prepare as scenario for the BBUT2021!? 😁 I feel recharged now and restored and ready for other adventures. This was my main goal with this race... 😁


The fact that I got much more was just an amazing bonus I guess! 😁😂


I have to thank my family for the amazing support, friends for cheering and pushing me, my fellow runners both running with me and those behind social media, I have to give a huge kudos for the whole organisation of the race! Incredible service, top notch support where I felt "at home" all the time! I think that despite the fact that I don't like the Backyard concept I feel that we're see again in Bunketorp the next year! This was fun! 😍👍🙏


Thank you Bunketorp Backyard Ultra Trail for this adventure! 😍