The information on the Kullamannen web site states the following information:


Experiencing the ”rest and be thankful valley” called Sinarpsdalen followed by many nature breathtaking reserves along the coastline.
Experiencing the Bjäre peninsula with the sea as your constant companion. The Kullamannen Seventh Seal 50 km race is a challenging and exciting event that takes runners on a scenic tour of the Bjäre Peninsula in Sweden.
The race begins in the charming town of Båstad, and the first part of the course takes runners south as they pass through the valley Sinarpsdalen and climb the ridgeline called Hallandsåsen. On top of Hallandsåsen, runners are rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding landscape, stretching all the way south to the sea at Skälderviken bay.
Continuing south, runners reach the village of Ängelbäcksstrand, where they turn west and follow the coastline. The terrain here is quite flat, and runners can pick up speed as they pass through green pastures and small villages. The first aid station is located in the small village of Glimminge, where runners can refill their water bottles and grab a quick snack before continuing.




Seventh Seal 50k - Map
I managed to purchase a spot for this race! The Seventh Seal 50k race by Kullamannen. Yeah!
Two months after the failure at the UTMB I will have the opportunity to race again. This time just a few hours from home running on known trails with many well-known fellow runners and friends.


This is hopefully be a nice race for me. A shorter distance this time. But this doesn't necessarily mean that this race will be an easier one. Pretty much the opposite! I will use this race and do something that I usually avoid in races - run outside my "comfort zone"! Yes, I will apply the common sense rules and try to execute the race "by the book" but this time I have another goal. I will try to be tired after the race. I will try to push it to the finish line. This on the other hand doesn't mean that I am ready to empty myself completely.I need to play this in a smart way, but at the same time a need a good race, I need a good day! :)


Still, a week after this race I will participate in another race - the Sätila trail 85k. This means that I will drain my body pretty much with these two races. The goal however is to try new things, potentially improve my nutrition and my overall experience in the sport of trail running. I really want to push myself to the limit and understand what my limit is at the moment.


If I never push myself, I even avoid intervals in training. But the thins is, if I never do this, If I never push myself to a certain limit, I will never understand what my potential is. I will never learn how and what is to be improved to reach a new level when running and eventually to enjoy even more while practicing the sport that we love.


Seventh Seal 50k - Profile
Time will tell how this race will evolve. I will do my best to execute this race with this new component into the race equation called: "bravery".


This race has the "by UTMB" standard, the expectations are huge, the layout of the race organization has to meed a well established standard but the Kullamannen organization has a different "reputation" and they have a "deal" with the weather Gods. We'll see how much are the runners gonna suffer during this edition. Especially the 100 mile runners! Kudos to the participants! :) Am I going to perform well? Time will tell. There is a huge risk to fail, to suffer and eventually have a lousy outcome of the race. Still, I am ready to race this time - not only to run the race!


The fact that I already raced these two upcoming races makes this decision easier. I know the trails, the views and the surroundings, so I don't necessarily need to "enjoy" the race. This time I could actually RACE! :)


Kind Regards,