On August the 13:th 2022 IK Uven will arrange the fourth edition of Bunketorp Backyard Ultra Trail, BBUT. The race takes place in Bunketorp, a beautiful, scenic and nicely hilly area near Lindome just a few miles from the city of Gothenburg in Sweden.


The concept for Backyard Ultra is simple: run the loop, 6,7 km within an hour. A new start every hour. Last runner standing is the winner.


I did a few runs this week before the race, a few rides as well and I managed to rest a lot during my vacations. I think that my body needed it. I just tried to maintain the overall fitness level without loosing too much of the overall athletic level that I had prior the Lavaredo Ultra race earlier in June.


The 13/8 at 10 a.m. I will start racing the #bunketorpbackyardultratrail race.


Any expectations?


No, not really. Just to run far, enjoy the experience and... who knows.


How far will I manage to run? Nobody knows...


Anyways, I will enjoy this race that has become one of my favourite races. Amazing organisation, great people and fantastic fellow runners. It's a party! 🤩


Course details:
• Race Date: 2022/08/13
• Start Time: 10:00:00
• Participation: Solo
• Elevation Gain on each loop: approx +150
• Number of Aid Stations: 1
• Number of Participants: 100


You may read the article by clicking the link below and find out how this race went for me in 2021:






Facebook Race Event: