This was me racing the Lavaredo Ultra race in 2017
Due to the pandemic that is still affecting drastically our lives I had to make a drastic decision.
I decided not to run the Lavaredo!


Yes, the decision was not an easy one. But on the other hand I couldn't visit my family in Istria for almost two years now so racing a race seems a bit less important. At the end this is just a race and hopefully there will be more races. Lavaredo Included! I was hoping that the organizers would understand that for me traveling from a country that still has major issue with the pandemic makes things very difficult ant potentially dangerous. I hoped that they would accept the problem and refer my start to the 2022. What I got was just the possibility to change for a shorter race. The race length is not an issue for me. I managed to practice during the whole winter. As a matter of a fact I don't think that I was in better shape ever before. So, no, racing another race was not an option for me.


I don't have a clue what will happen with my money that I already payed and the only benefit that know is that I have a reserved place for the 2022 in I'd decide to race. And of course I must pay the fee once again. The thing that is important to me is safety, and this choice is the only safe one these days. Chancing complications or contracting the virus during the travel or in Cortina is not an option!


Anyways, I will most probably run the Aktivitus Trail race now here around Gothenburg. A race that I raced once before. It seems easy if you check the race profile but I can assure you that this race is al but easy! It will make you hurt! You will feel pain and you will suffer..... The positive thing is that pacers are allowed so my family and friends can assist me when needed and I race always near home if something should happen and that is a major bonus!


During the summer I have a few local races that I might race but the one that I will prepare for in order to get a proper feedback out of it is the BBUT backyard race in August. That race is placed perfectly in order to give me the proper feedback for the Istria 100 mile race in September.


Apart from these races the Kullamannen should be the race that should close this tough year.


We'll see how things evolve..... :)