This was me racing the Lavaredo Ultra race in 2017.
I really hope to race this race in 2021! It's still one of the races that I love. Amazing scenarios, fantastic support and organization!
The 2121 is and will be a "particular" year due to the Covid pandemic. These races are scheduled and I really hope to be able to race them. Still, depending on the situation, the race organizers may and usually will postpone or cancel the races. I decided to prefer the Istria100 to the TDC race this year. I miss my family and racing is Istria is something that right now is something that I really need!


If those "big" races are going to be affected by the pandemic I will probably race a few local races or why not.... try a FKT! ;)




- Activitus Ultra Trail 169k (15 May | 169 km )
- The Alpaca Race (6 June | 53 km)
- Bunketorp Backyard Ultra Trail (07 August)
- 100 milja Istre | 100 miles of Istria | RED Course (10-12 September | 168 km)
- Kullamannen Ultra 100 Miles (5-6 November| ca. 170k)


Due to the COVID19 pandemic I had a 2020 with almost no races. This means that I could focus on training and building my endurance. In 2021 I will continue with the same training with one huge difference - I will not focus as much on the covered weekly distance. The quality of the training has to be set in a proper balance and my family needs to get involved in my outdoor activities as well. I love to see the whole family having fun in the nature surrounding us. We are so privileged to have such a beautiful nature just 5 minuted from the place where we live. We have such an amazing playground! We don't have those huge mountains but the rest is here.


Since the beginning of the 2021 I started to focus more and more on my overall body training. I'm quite new to this. The last time I trained the upper body was in high school! Now, being 47 yrs old I need to exercise with proper balance in order to prevent failures and injuries. I need to correct those issues that I'm still dealing with. Those tiny painful injuries that are still affecting my performance. It takes time but with proper diligence, passion and commitment everything may and hopefully much will be achieved.


The future races will tell much about that! :)


Have a great 2021!