After months of proper training volume the summer came to Sweden and I decided to change a bit my training and slightly lower my running mileage and adding other training into the equation. Family time is prioritized now and we tried to enjoy lovely summer activities instead. At the end of June I felt that my body needed some rest.


That said, I noticed another thing.... I wanted to race. I felt the need to meet other fellow runners, I miss those long races, running in the night, the fight through fatigue, pain..... so I found a nice race really close to the place where I live! :)


It's another Backyard Ultra race. ;)


The backyard ultra is a form of ultramarathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in less than one hour. When each lap is completed, the remaining time within the hour is typically used to recover for the next hour's race.


Exactly one hour after a backyard ultra's first starting time, the competitors run an additional 6706 meters with a one-hour window for completion. These distance loops are repeated hourly. The race ends when the last runner or runners either concede or fail to finish the distance within the allotted time frame


MORE Info:


You may find more information about the race here: (in swedish)


The race location is just 15-ish km from where I live, so it's really easy for me to adjust to the race logistics.


I have a good year of running and I feel good. I had issues, like every runner. I had and still have some trouble with my tendons and ligaments but nothing that stopped me. I had to adjust to the issue and try to better my running form (work in progress)...


I had the whole July to rest and restore my energy properly so I feel quite nice actually. Still, a race is a race and strange things might and probably will happen! :)


The race will start at 10:00 a.m. the 8 Augusti.


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I will fight! I can tell you that much.... ;)