Hello my friends!


A few weeks after my last article here am I writing about my nest challenge!
This time I will race a completely different race - a Backyard Ultra race!


Where: Albäcksvallen, Trelleborg (Sweden)
When: 6 July 2019 - Start 10:00 a.m.




BUS2019 Info:
https://swedenrunners.se/bus/information (Swedish)



What is a Backyard Ultra?


The backyard ultra is a form of ultramarathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in less than one hour. When each lap is completed, the remaining time within the hour is typically used to recover for the next hour's race.


Exactly one hour after a backyard ultra's first starting time, the competitors run an additional 6706 meters with a one-hour window for completion. These distance loops are repeated hourly. The race ends when the last runner or runners either concede or fail to finish the distance within the allotted time frame.[


I have no expectations from this race. I know that I'm able to run far, that I have the mindset to perform quite well, but this race has a concept that can break anyone - both physically and mentally! I did my training and I hope that the race will go as I hope. I want this to be a challenge with the UTMB race in my mind. I had huge problems in 2017 during my first UTMB race and I want this race to help me prepare well. I need this race to learn new things because apparently, after all the races I ran I stlil do mistakes... and mistakes in ultra races are not cheap! Usually you pay with a DNF!


I like the whole concept about this race and there is a kind of a weird love&hate relationship for races like this that I usually call "hamster races"! I never did a "hamster race" so I figured that it's about time to do one. And the best opportunity to do one was this one with a bunch friends and other runners I know well! This is gonna be fun!


Have fun and smile! 😁 👍



More info:


Backyard Ultra Sydkusten:


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Facebook: Sweden Runners (mostly in Swedish)
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