A 90 minute run thinking about everything and nothing.... the miles just vanished and I had no apparent goal during this run. Speed was not a goal, not even the vertical gain or the distance or the surface..... nothing. I had this one and a half hour for me, just for me. 90 minutes to relax and enjoy.... to breathe! 😍


90 minutes can be enough to rest both body and mind if you ask me. I planned at least 3h of running today, but I'm happy with these 90 minutes. It's about altering our expectations and prioritize the things that are important in life. Running is a part of my life now, but it's not everything. The proper balance in life is needed and it's not an easy task to balance between work, family and our passion for the sport that we love so much... but balance is needed!


Tomorrow is another day.... 😍


Have a nice evening! 😘