When you meet a neighbour running buddy and you chat and run 5k relaxed..... and after 40min. you realise that you have 20 minutes to get yr azz back home and work! 😱


Well, I got a speed workout as well today! I'm very happy that I could run at a certain speed easily and without issues. I see that running easily with no liquids or energy gives some results.... To be able to run under the 4:30 pace and enjoy the birds sounds it's a nice thing. I'm able to run effortless and vary my pace accordingly to the situation, running surface, shoes etc. at a quite low heart rate.... 😄👍
The only variable I'm trying to eliminate from my running sessions is the stress. But sometimes, as during my runch runs, I need to be back home or to the office at a certain time. Nothing to do about it. But thise lovely weekend runs.... thise need to be stress-free! 😍😁


So how to long term train injury free?!
Well, I combined a bit the Maffetone training and some fartlek here and there. Nothing more. And like yesterday, when my energy is kinda low I rest. I still have a good amount of week volume. Considering that all the races are cancelled now, I guess that I will continue training like this hoping that the situation will change soon... 😍🙏


And yeah, I need to do some proper core and upper training as well but I have a tough time finding inspiration or motivation to do that! 😱😥😂


I' ll try..... 😉👍🏼