Backyard Ultra - The concept of the race that I already wrote about on my web site.
BUS - Backyard Ultra Sydkusten


is something that I wanted to try for a while. And I did that now! With 20 loops and approx 137k I'm happy with the goals that I had for myself. I know my limits and what I need to work with in the future and I know one important thing:


"Backyard Ultra races are NOT made for me! I did one now and I will never do one more again (maybe)!" 😃 😂


During the races I need to have something to see, to look forward to, I need to keep my mind and my soul engaged the whole time, I need to be happy during the race..... this one, well.... I got sad after 15 loops, but i made 5 loops more just to reach a "nicer" number! 20! I started to give special names to each "special" stone on the course, on threes etc. Crazy, I know! My mind went bananas!!! Ehehehehe


I could have added a few loops more but nothing close to the winner Niclas Gällentoft with his 35 loops - the winner of this race! His mindset is special, unique personality and a great person... I'm privileged to have him as a friend! Amazing athlete and even more great person! Congratz m8!!!


My race on Strava:




A few images I made during my last loop! 😃