This shoe must be considered for high mileage daily running!


I had a strange feeling that I could run each and every day with these shoes on!


Brooks Glycerin 15 does a fantastic job at cushioning your foot and it has a quality comfortable upper. Running on asphalt, gravel and wet surfaces was a "pleasure".... even after a 30k run!


I couldn't test the shoes when I got the product because I was in the middle of my tapering week before the UTMB.


One week after my difficult UTMB race these shoes were just perfect as the cushioning and stability helps a lot and I was able to run more than 100km the last days!


The shoes performed well during my tempo lunch run too.
At the beginning I had to "adjust" my stride a little bit but after one or two km I felt really great running with these shoes. The flex of the shoe is great and the midsole seems to adjust to the wide toe area.... I like that a lot!



The form of the shoe is perfect for my sore feet - wide and comfy!


No issues at all! Except maybe for my feet getting too warm after 25k. The show provides a sock like fit - the foot will remain in place but will not "push" the skin too hard. I'm quite impressed with the quality of the construction and comfort. Do not forget to choose your socks wisely! :)


I will continue using these shoes on all long runs except the trails because... well, this is not a trail shoe!..... ;)


During this long run I managed to run on dry asphalt, wet gravel, rainy and slippery asphalt.... well, almost everything except technical trails. It felt really good running.



The fact that I'm still "rehabbing" due to my foot injury was never a problem. My heel was locked firmly inside the shoe, the Achilles was never tight even if the rear part of the shoe is really thick. But that was never an issue..... that was just perfect for my sore feet!
A soft and smooth run but still not bouncy like you should maybe expect. I never liked too much cushioning but Brooks Glycerine 15 seems to be a balanced product for many runner for all those long(er) runs.... The outsole rubber quality is giving this shoe excellent durability. I noticed no usage after more that 100k and the grip on wet surfaces is really great!


I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking at getting in shape and running longer distances! The design is created to absorb the shock of running in a balanced way and I enjoyed every run. Still, keep in mind that we are all different with different goals, training amount of time, skills etc.


Enjoy your runs and be happy! :)


Brooks Glycerin 15 - My points to this shoe is: 4.5 out of 5! Great product!



- great cushioning
- comfortable shoes
- durable and grippy outsole
- lovely design of the shoe
- great midsole technology
- wide toe box


- shoe price


I will add new content to this review after ca 300-400km in these shoes! It will be interesting to see how the shoe performs after ca. 500km! ;)


I have to thank the people at and Brooks for sending me a pair of Glycerin 15 to test.
This did not influence the outcome of the review made after running more than 100km in them!




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