I felt really tired today. My body was tired, my mind was tired.... life can be tough sometimes! 😱


I had no desire for a run today despite my 25k that I scheduled a few days ago.... but that's the same reason why I went out anyways! 😂


You cannot schedule your life. Sometimes you need to be able to alther and adjust those expectations. The first miles were really shitty.... I felt like crap and I had no energy whatsoever. Than I reached the sea and things turned better directly! What a lovely evening indeed! 😁


Yeah, I decided to take a different route from the usual one and I opted for a flat variant along the sea and around the Sandsjöbacka natural reserve. 😍😁


Everything went great until the last 8k when I had to turn and run back home. The evening went dark in no time and the chilly wind started messing with my leds. I had to adapt again, slow down my pace and enjoy those tiny rain drops on my skin.... lovely! 😍


No run is the same, you experience different emotions, the fitness level may vary from day to day, the elements have a direct impact on your body as well etc. When you adapt, accept the challenge and keep moving forward with a smile that you see the light even in the darkness.... sh*t, that was a biker with a huge headlamp!!! Whatever, you know what I mean! 😂😂😂


I feel great now after 35k and a hot shower! 😁😄😉


Have a nice evening! 😘