The moment where I understood that the race was over in 2019 after more than 100k into the race in Arnouvaz!
The moment where I understood that the race was over! If you know what this image below represents than you know that the draw to enter this race is insane, the whole event is insane! Still, there is something incredible that attracts all the fellow runners to this race.
It's a "Champions League" of trail running and it has its "nasty" price and fee on top.of everything.


I need to finish properly this race. The outcome in 2019 was catastrophic that ended with a DNF after 113k or something with trashed quads and a broken heart! It was tough to DNF there. I had a proper mindset and a well perdorming body. But my legs were completely trashed. I had no control on my simple movement and climbing those mountains would resulted in a suidice in those conditions. It was a tough decision, but a very easy and simple one at the same time. It was perhaps the easiest DNF decision I ever made!



It's time to train properly and finish all the races we get to run in 2022 with a smile. After all, we love this sport and we pay for these adventures! 😍❤


Kram! 😘