There is a huge difference between these two images (see the image in the video below)!
Let's describe the one on the right a bit. I was 135kg "light", had two disc hernias that killed my joy of living despite having a wonderful family and my asthma that was devastating my lungs!


The image does not represent the fact that I was actually dying! 😱


Me moving to Sweden was probably the decision that not only saved my life but was the first step towards my personal evolution!


The image on the left.... well, you know that dude! It's the same person but 10 yrs later! 😉😁👍


In this video I had a short monologue about the "evolution" of mine. The change that started in 2013 and is still a part of my daily life.


I'm very thankful that I had this opportunity in my life - the opportunity to find a sport that I love and that benefits both my body and mind. The community of fellow runners is amazing as well. They inspired, motivated and fueled me when I was struggling. Life is not always roses and rainbows. Things get rough sometimes and a helping hand from a family member, a friend is very much needed.


I found pace and balance in the sport and practicing in nature. I was lucky! 😁


Enjoy this video and feel free to comment in the comment section below.... I won't bite! 😁


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