NOTE: I got the a new pair of Speedgoat2 shoes by The design is the same but the new version has reinforced the part where my shoes broke. Now, after miles in those I still have no issues! Great job Hoka! :)
I will write a longer review about the shoes from my point of view. There are many reviews online from resellers or professional runners or sponsored articles. I will, as always try describe the product as I felt it while running - nothing more! :)


I'm really disappointed about the mesh quality. A great product like this that fails after just 175km is just not acceptable!
I really hope that Hoka will fix this soon because I really love the Speedgoat2 and I would really like to use the shoes during the 100 Miles of Istria and Lavaredo race this year!


I suppose I need to return.these lovely shoes.... 🤔


Here are a few images showing the mesh issue: