The Kullamannen Trail race start is always something special to remember...
I can't wait to start the Kullamannen 100 mile trail race and hopefully reach the finish line this time.


The race day is getting closer and a huge amount of questions are here:
- did I do the proper homework with my training
- do I have the needed gear
- do I have the food, gels and a decent energy plan
- do I know the course....


Many questions and just a few answers.
I will do my best and I will have a lot of fun out there with other fellow runners and friends. That is something that I'm looking forward to... 🤙


I need to prepare my head now and sync everything in order to push to the finish line like I would like to. I have just one goal: to finish the race with a smile! 😁


Just a few days left before moving forward towards the unknown.....


The last time, in 2019, I wasn't there mentally. I was in a bad place after the DNF during the UTMB and I couldn't execute the race properly.
This time I have no excuses. 🤙


A few minor infections and a lighter cold is behind me and despite that I was able to train with a decent consistency.


I hope that my passion for the sport, the training during these last months will be enough to keep me moving forward and reach the finish line. This is actually my one and only goal for this race... no questions asked! 😉😁


This is the race that will give me answers to some questions that I still have. I'm still a newbie in this sport despite my age! 😂😂😂


Hope to see you in Båstad and in Mölle after the race! Feel free to kick my sorry azz if you see me complaining during the race! I will thank you after the race! Promise! 😂


Let's do this! 😁👍🤙




Feel free to follow my race here:


My BIB is (are):

• Aramis Šašinka 150 Ultra +161 km
• Aramis Sasinka 574 Ultra +161 km


I will hopefully race with the BIB 150. We'll see... 😉



Feel free to check out this fine video made by my fellow runner Marcus Kjellberg:



Race INFO:


• Distance: +168 km
• Accumulated height gain: ≈ 2700 metres
• Maximum time: 34 hours
• Date: Friday 5th of November 2021
• Start time: CET 07:00
• Start location: Hotel Skansen, Båstad, Sweden