The kind of a run made to test not only my endurance but also the ability to control my mind. It's a dance of emotions and pain and you need to push it with discipline if you want to reach your goals (during those long races this battle increases exponentially of course)...


"The road to success is always under construction...." and often "flat" and easy like this run!


Why I do this?!?


I love it! It's my passion, I love everything aboit it and it makes me feel great!


Running made me another, better and improved person. But it's not all about running. It's about finding the thing that you do with passion. Running inspires me and gives me the needed inspiration to take sometimes tough and difficult decisions in life.... because I'm able to see now things from another prospective and this is amazing indeed! 😍


The running community is amazing. Great people with a huge heart! Love you all! 😍😘😁


Have a nice evening! 😘