I will both mark 20k of the course in the area I usually train and run the race days after - the 28th Aptil 2018!


My BIB number is: 19


LIVE Timing by:


Being this a second 100-mile race in one single month this represents a new challenge for me. How will my body react? Will my mind resist to the pressure and challenge of the 30hrs time limit and all the cut offs? There are many unknown parameters here and I really do not know the right answer.


Why am I doing this? Well, I could answer like: "Why not!" or..... "Because I like challenges." or simply because i think I can do this!


The real answer is something else. If you never raced an ultra-race you probably have trouble understand the distance in the first place. I have trouble understanding the double distance now and what am I about to do! :)


But we do like challenges, we like to improve ourselves and beat our demons! So let's do this!


This race however, is a little bit different from other races I ran. In this race pacers are allowed throughout the entire course and people I may choose that could help me keep the pace, and navigate the course. Pacers can not carry any equipment, liquid or food - I have to do that like in any other race!


Considering these two facts:
Maximum time: 30 hours
Distance: 100 miles, 161 km


I guess having a good pacer will be quite important! So yes, this is one of the reasons why I want to run this race. I have to see how it feels, what are the benefits or what are the issues/problems with that!
As I want to race the WSER sometimes later on in my life, a proper pacer, is something you will have (or more than one).


The race will start the 28th April 2018 at 5:00 a.m.


Checkpoints along the course:


Checkpoint 1Angered13kmCut Off: 2:23Cut Off Time CET: 7:23
Checkpoint 2Dammekärr28kmCut Off: 5:09Cut Off Time CET: 10:09
Checkpoint 3Kungälv40kmCut Off: 7:21Cut Off Time CET: 12:21
Checkpoint 4Bönered65kmCut Off: 11:57Cut Off Time CET: 16:57
Checkpoint 5Tuve82kmCut Off: 14:54Cut Off Time CET: 19:54
Checkpoint 6Botaniska100kmCut Off: 18:23Cut Off Time CET: 23:23
Checkpoint 7Tulebo127kmCut Off: 23:21Cut Off Time CET: 4:21
Checkpoint 8Skatås147kmCut Off: 27:02Cut Off Time CET: 8:02
GoalJonsered161kmCut Off: 30:00Cut Off Time CET: 11:00


The checkpoints are marked in the course map below.


Personal aid stations are allowed throughout the course, INFO: