An amazing 30k run on one of the best trails in the area starting the run in the Peppared/Balltorp area, than on the other side of the another "mountain" following an alternative to the "Bohusleden" trail and than the loop of the "Torrekullaleden" trail with a twist on the "Sandsjöbackaleden" as well and a lovely finish running on my backyard trails back home.


Feel free to enjoy this video with some lovely relaxing music and my steps on the snow and icy surface in the background.....


I enjoyed running! :)


The winter is soon to end. We had a few weeks with cold days and white powder on our trails. Sometimes it's really nice to run on something else that is not sticky, muddy and wet! But those days are coming as well.... I'm ready! ;)


Have a nice day my friends..... Have fun running! :)