If you follow me on Strava you know that my training is getting tougher and it's not always easy to combine a full time job, family and training done in a proper way. Still, I do what I can in order to do my best and enjoy life as well!


During this weekend I ran two long runs with different intensity, shoes and difficulty level. One with hill reps and the other with good elevation as well but with more rest in middle of the hills - like a roller coaster.


I made a nice video as well of the section that I cleaned after the Aktivitus Trail race 161k! That trail is one of my favorite in the area! Feel free to enjoy it on YouTube! :D


This section is one of my favorite sections when I run around the Mölndal area near the city of Gothenburg. Just minutes from where I live there is this paradise of lovely trails, stunning nature and good climbs as well.
I have to say that the trails were in great conditions and almost free from human garbage! Great! :)


Feel free to contact me if you'd like a tour in that area or just run a bit together!