The 44k Soteleden Trail Marathon 2018


This year due to an issue with a land owner the race had to be modified the last day to a 21k loop race. We did twice the 21k curse.
Many of the runners stated that the course was tougher than the 44k one and that the trail conditions (muddy and wet) did not make things easier this year! :)


This race was one of my races I did that include: - 100 Miles of Istria (06 April 2018)
- Aktivitus Trail Race (28 April 2018)
- Soteleden Terräng Marathon 44k (05 May 2018)
- GöteborgsVarvet half marathon (19 May 2018)


All theses races with no training in between. A nice and really interesting experiment where I learned a lot about me, my body, nutrition, body mechanics and much more....
The last race will be the one where I will run really carefully. The speedy pace will not be a walk in the park and the pressure on my tired joints is something to consider seriously..... I will try to push it at 80%. The outcome is unknown..... :)




The start of the race is in Bovallstrand located in northern Bohuslän - a coastal county on the Swedish west coast.
Well over 1000 meters of altitude, forests, mountains, rocks, bogs and cobblestones are some challenges along the 44km-long route.


The course is a tough terrain path along parts of the trail "soteleden" where the substrate consists of trails, rock, roots, mud, meadows, bog, gravel roads and some asphalt. There will be many ascents and descents. In addition to breathtaking views, the course will offer you lovely forest running through birch, beech, fir and oak forests. When you least expect it, you will running on the famous Swedish granite.
There are up, down, up, down and few moments recovery. But suddenly, you find yourself in a beautiful sea of wood anemones.


A lovely race indeed!


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