100 Miles of Istria - Labin, Croatia, Apr 07 2017


171km trail with approx 7400mt of elev. gain, from the city of Labin over the Učka(1400m) mountain to the city of Umag through tough hills, mountain terrain and medieval old towns... A special and unique trail experience that combines trail running, tourism, cuisine, hospitality and pain.... a lot of pain! :)


The initial idea (very optimistic) was to run the whole course in 30 hours and try to suffer less that the year before and... I wanted to improve my personal best by 8h!


Well, I did this instead:
- I finished the race in 29:24:07!
- I managed to enjoy the whole course!
- I never suffered (not too much....)!
- I managed to run the last 40k and gain 5h from 2016!
- I managed to improve my final result by 8.5h! Yesssss!!! :)


Thanx to everybody! See you again! :)