The first km "Barkley Marathons" style... tough offroad with bloody legs. No injuries, just tiny cuts. Well, check the Barkley movie on Netflix and you will get the picture. I need to work on my navigation. Due to the storm and human "intrusion" even the trails that I know well were unrecognizable! I got to see beautiful animals in the forest! Amazing creatures!


The rest was an easy run on easy trails. Nothing too fancy. But a few climbs were included as well! 😁😉


I enjoyed this 32k run really a lot. The body responded properly during the whole run. Even those last 10k in the dark that are not in the video.


I feel forward for the next weekend adventure.... 😁🏃‍♂️👍


By the way..... This was my third week in a row with 100+km of running! This time I felt good every day and never ever tired or sore like the previous weeks. It's time to prepare my body properly now for the 100 miles of Istria and the La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail! I managed to add a few gym/fintess sessions as well! :)


P.S. The weather is much better in the Gothenburg area now! The spring is in the air! :D