While sick and resting my body (which is actually pretty good - I needed a good rest!).... I'm dreaming about races that I will participate during this year!


The first one is behind me where I felt the virus inside me during the whole race, so I had to take it easy and safe the whole 55k course which was quite challenging due the muddy conditions of the trails! The day after I had to travel to Italy and work there the whole week. I ran just twice shorter flat 10k evening runs and I felt like crap! Thursday afternoon my disc hernia killed me again and directly after that the virus engaged and..... well, I'm still fighting, but I feel much better now! The end of the dark tunnel is maybe near.....


The next race is in April - the 100 miles of Istria! A 100 mile course that is going to be challenging for me. Not the distance, but the first part of the course that I know well has changed. It will break many runners and I don't want to be one of them! After the UTMB I know what a long downhill can do to the quads if I ran like a moron! I have to plan well this one and do the homework properly. This year I will try to force myself to train with more discipline and do the things that are necessary - even if I hate some of them! The goal is to run the last 30k with a smile! :)


It will not be easy.... but it's definitely a challenge that i love!


Istria.... see you in April! 😍