Sometimes the road can be challenging... but we need our tiny challenges in order to learn, perform better and feel better!


If the trail goes up....eventually it will turn the other way around! Keep fighting!
This week I managed to to something I wanted to do in months - to commute to and from work each and every day! I took this opportunity now and I did that despite the challenging weather with ice-cold days, the dark, the rain, wind, etc.... I woke up every day @ 5 a.m. and it went just fine. I was never tired and I appreciate the fact that I could avoid the stress of the traffic chaos around Gothenburg! I run back home in approx. 45 minutes! It takes me almost 35 while driving! Yes, I might lose 10 minutes there but I gain so much more at the end: I feel great, I recharge my brain (a kind of a reset after a hard day in the office), I get my mileage without affecting my family, I don't pollute the air.... my actions motivate others! 😄👍


After 5 days I got inspired by @ethannewberry and his #100MileWeek! I managed to run 90-ish km from Monday to Friday. I needed 70k in two days! 😱


I did 44k this Saturday with other fellow runners running a section of the Sandsjöbacka Trail course. It was rainy, muddy, slippery and wet but I enjoyed it a lot. The day after I needed those 25k to complete this challenge. I felt a little bit tired but... after just 500mt my legs started rolling just fine! I was amazed as well! It felt just perfect! I ran those 25k easily... cruising those wet trails in Änggårdsbegen in rain and wind... it felt good, really good!


After that, I was back home doing things as usual.... and I felt like Xmas! 😄😁👍 Just do it... it doesn't matter if it's raining - luckily you're not made from sugar! 😂😄😉


Have fun out there!