My last long (er) run where I did a few hill reps just in order to stretch my climbing legs, feel the vert and enjoy after that a nice chatty run together with Mikael!


I feel good, despite the concern about the fact that my kids were sick the whole week and I felt trash as well. I feel good again and I hope that this will not affect my performance, I did my training with good discipline and managed to avoid injuries and was never really sick during the whole year. This gives me the right amount of confidence and strength! I hope that my goal is realistic... we'll see!


So, for all of you guys that maybe don't know the sport or my goals... here it is:
- I want to beat my last race by.... 10 hrs!!!


My last (and only UTMB) was: 43:18:07


I want to run this edition in 33h!


I KNOW that this is a dream for a family man with a full time job like I am. But we all love dreams and sometimes dreams come true! I love the sport and I'm really passionate about trail running! This race is a "Champions League" of the sport and I'm already being privileged by participating in it, I know that! It's amazing indeed! I'm also aware that I'm lucky and privileged that I can do a sport like this and enjoy the areas I visit! Am I going to achieve my goals? Eventually it doesn't matter! The main goal is to enjoy the race, avoid injuries, enjoy the course and have fun because I suffered a LOT during the 2017 edition! I mean... a LOT!


The finisher time is not that relevant, still I would love to crush that lousy finisher time from 2017! And I mean it....


Stay tuned, follow my adventure if you want and we'll see what I'm capable of!


The race is 170km long, with 10.000mt of elevation and the weather can and probably will test our fitness to the limit!


I'm ready! ;)