The UTMB® (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) race is approaching and I feel it in the air!


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I just ended my last long run and with it the training block that I had from January with just 2 weeks of vacation! This was the first time in my life that I managed to train well, avoid injuries and illness and feel good all the time! Well, I had some kind of a virus the last week but the only minus is that i couldn't train as hard as I planned to, but still I managed to finish the week with almost 120k in my legs and an interesting amount of vert as well!


I got it all during this last long run prior the UTMB! Rain, mud, wind, storm, cold, darkness..... a proper run when you need to train body and mind for the #UTMB! A little bit scary when threes started to collapse! 😱😁👍



I really hope that I will finish this race well. I ran once in 2017 (my first UTMB race) and I finished in 43hrs! The story about that race is here:


The goals that I have for this race is simple:
- finish the race
- enjoy the race
- have fun
- enjoy the scenarios
- run faster than 2017!


Of course that I have a higher goal! I'd really love to beat my last result from 2017, but in races like these everything might (and probably will) happen! I was not prepared for the mighty storm in 2017 or those climbs that are really long and tough. The difference today is that I know what to expect. I know what it could happen if I should make those rookie mistakes when:
- you don't visit the toilet before the race,
- you don't drink,
- you don't eat,
- you don't fix your gear properly in time,
- you don't change clothes accordingly to the weather/running form,
- you don't listen to your body and adapt directly!


In races like this one there is just one key-world that is common to all runners: PATIENCE! You need to race smart with patience! 170km is a long race and mistakes are often really expensive!


The course profile is the following:


INFO about the race:
• Distance: 170km
• Elevation: 10.000mt+
• Max Time: 46h 30 min
• Runners: 2300


START: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Place du Triangle de l'Amitié 30/08/2019 18:00


This is the time chart I have to consider if or when I'd need to follow the cut-offs (I really hope to run faster):



3D Chart:



The course chart: