Foto: Glenn T Unger


"Yeah right.... so you are not gonna run the Trailvarvet"!?? - asked my wife weeks ago! 😏


The thing that she did'n know was that I had another idea of the whole thing!
After I finished my 8h in the office I went running back home - like I usually do. BUT! There was this LOVELY event right in the middle of the course back home.... and I had a gimbal and a GoPro in my hand!


Coincidence? NO! Not at all!!! 😁


I wanted to run the trails "alone", kinda "outside" the competition, enjoy the race, give love to the fellow runners and film it all as good as it gets. Well, the last downhill was never filmed because my battery died! But I'm happy that I decided to turn back from that hill and on my way back home give much love, kudos, high fives to the runners.... it was fun!


The video will be online in a couple of days! I hope that I helped somebody as well! 😉


Have fun running out there and smile! 😄