Hallo my friends!


Christmas is behind us, the New Year is approaching and.... the first race in 2019 is the Sandsjöbacka Trail​ race. The distance I will race is the 89k course.


This edition will be my 3rd Sandsjöbacka winter trail race! I still remember the first one, my very first trail race, the race where I felt the ice-cold water, the sticky mud, the chilly air, the slippery icy trails, and the distance.... sooo different from the pavement yet so fascinating! The sport got me.... and after 4 years i love it even more! Still, some memories are inside me like a ghost.... others written in an article about that adventure. It's interesting to read those race reports and "re-feel" the race after all these years:




RACE Info:


The last 15k to the end of the race: