My first ultra-race was the 100 miles of Istria in April 2015. I ran the 110 km course and finished the race in 24:56:13!
That was one of the toughest experiences up to these days but also one of the best revelations I had in life! I recognized how much loved trail, running in nature all those long distances and that suffering was just a part of the game.... nothing more! So I decided to return in 2016 and do my first 100-mile race there! That was another story! The race report of that experience is online - feel free to jump into the ultra-darkness where I was during the 100 Miles of Istria 2016! :)


During the 2017 edition I had my best ultra-experience so far! In that race I managed to control the race and enjoy the surroundings during most of the race, A long race report and a video on my YouTube channel shows parts of that race.


This year was something else. I wanted one thing and what I got was a completely different outcome. A disappointing one. This is when you need to alter your expectations due to numerous factors that may (and usually will) occur during the race. You need to challenge yourself to the limit and learn to beat the beast and the elements, the pain and the emotional stress as well.
The output of the race was not as I wanted but I managed to learn a lot even while failing to execute properly the race. You can learn a lot by failing as well.....


Photo: "100 Miles of Istria"



I guess that I will try to race the long 100-mile race one more time and try not to repeat all those mistakes!


Why again? Why the same race??


I will try to synthesize all my reasons here:


- HOME: I race "at home". I'm born in Rijeka and Istria is a part of my playground where I feel great! I love the area! My heart is happy!


- FAMILY: I get to see my mother and sister during the whole race course in each aid station after Buzet. The night I run alone and enjoy the darkness with my monsters. During the day I love to have my family supporting me! It's something special and after all these years it's been a kind of a tradition! :)
I really hope that someday my wife and my kids will support me too and why not.... race the race! :)


- THE RACE: Each and every race is different. Even if you run the same course. The mental and body preparation, the elements.... a lot influences the race outcome and the fact that a lot is unpredictable makes this sport just lovely! I love this! Well, not always! :D


- EVERYTHING ELSE: The nature. The people. The language, The food, The spirit of the race..... The smell, the taste.... This is why we return to some of the races we love! We love the whole thing about them! The pain, the struggle, the fight.... that is something we forget in no time, we kick that reset button and we wait in order to register once again and let the party begin!



I just LOVE the sport! How about you!?? :)


Feel free to enjoy Istria in this video published by Mladen Paulinić on Youtube.


The locations are (in order of appearance):


Ponor Butori (Šterna, Oprtalj)
Slap Sopot (Floričići, Pićan)
Zarečki krov (Zarečje, Pazin)
San Polo
Palud (Bale)
"Lavanda" Pekici (Svetvinčenat)
Limski zaljev
Jezerce Sentonina staza (Rabac- Labin)
Stari Labin
Veli slap (Butoniga, Kršikla)
Parenzana Motovun - Vižinada
Plaža Klančac (Brseč)
Utvrda Possert (Paz, Cerovlje)
Kanjon Vela Draga (Vranja, Učka)
Rovinj panorama
Limski zaljev
Dvorac Belaj (Paz, Cerovlje)
Stjenovita plaža Gornji Kamenjak (Premantura)
Uvala Mala Kolumbarica Donji Kamenjak (Premantura)
Kaštel Petrapilosa (Mali Mlun, Buzet)
Kuće u bršljanu (Kostanjica, Grožnjan)
Svjetionik Sv. Ivan na pučini (Rovinj).


My 100 Miles of Istria up to this date:


- 2015: 100 miles of Istria (17-19 April | 110 km) - 24:56:13


- 2016: 100 miles of Istria (15-17 April | 173 km) - 38:01:24
100 miles of Istria 2016 on my YouTube channel


- 2017: 100 miles of Istria | RED Course (07-09 april | 171 km) - 29:24:07
100 miles of Istria 2017 on my YouTube channel


- 2018: 100 miles of Istria (6 April | 169,5 km) - 31:40:49
100 miles of Istria 2018 on my YouTube channel