I wanted to relax and run without stress.... just run and relax. You know... running is such a fine therapy! :)

I have to prepare myself for the GöteborgsVarvet 2015 21k race! The race is scheduled for the 23rd may 2015 as you know! The speed is ok. I feel great. I'm really, really, really ready to crush my first and only personal race record! I hope to run under 2h and to improve the result by ca. 15 min! We'll see :)


The speed as you can see by the print-screen above shows that I was quite fast today! I'm quite surprised with the range of different "running styles" that my body can tolerate! Just great! :)


Tomorrow I will run max. 10-15k with a really easy pace. The idea is to run "negative splits". What's that?
Well, that's kind of new for me too because of the previous specific training focused on form fit and weight lost.....
I started to "play" with the speed just a few weeks ago! So, back to the "negative split" term: "The term refers to running the second half of a race faster than the first.
Negative splitting is the ideal way to run a long distance race such as a half or full marathon. Many runners do the opposite by going out too fast in the beginning, and then slowing down significantly in the second half of the race. It's a common mistake because you feel rested and strong in the beginning, so it's tempting to go out fast. It takes a lot of discipline and practice to achieve a negative split..."


SOURCE: about health